jute disintegration video There were three — no, four cameras around me on Sunday. One video camera which I forgot to push ‘record’ on, my own beloved LX3 (and having seen the LX7 seriously thinking of upgrading because I can’t yet afford … Read the rest


jute disintegration photos

As I am certainly tardy in either finishing writing about jute disintegration, or getting the video posted, instead here are some photos. The video does embody it more than the photos somehow, nonetheless, there’s something of it in them. (And … Read the rest

Jute Disintegration — Attempt #2

… this one coming), Dasniya and I are making a second attempt of Jute Disintegration, this time it seems with more people. It’s the same as before, but not. We’ve yet to watch the video of last time, though I’ve … Read the rest


Jute Disintegration – After …

… two Sundays in a mess of ropes to try this all out!) Jute Disintegration – Books and ropes on table Jute Disintegration – Rui Jute Disintegration – Hartmut and tea Jute Disintegration – Andreas’ wrist Jute Disintegration – Hartmut … Read the rest

Jute Disintegration – An Installation

This Sunday, Dasniya and I, along with a few others are making some kind of performance/performance art/installation thing in Alte Kantine Wedding. It’s something of another rehearsal, and something of a thing that people could observe as an audience might. It … Read the rest


Jute Disintegration – #1

… with more people, possibly with people watching. Something of what it was… Jute Disintegration – Rui reading Jute Disintegration – Andreas Jute Disintegration – Rui and table Jute Disintegration – Monica and Antek Jute Disintegration – Dasniya’s legs Jute … Read the rest

Jute Post-Disintegration

… from Paris, who took a nap on a different sofa. Since the last jute disintegration, Dasniya and I have taught in Brussels again and at ImPulsTanz in Vienna, as well as together or separately regularly, and been involved in a … Read the rest