Fatimah Asghar — When We Were Sisters

A couple of days before Ramadan, finishing Fatimah Asghar’s brilliant When We Were Sisters. Fatimah, who I read If They Come For Us, and promptly bought everything of theirs I could get my hands on. So, this and Halal If You Hear Me, which they edited with Safia Elhillo. And the wrote and co-produced Ms. Marvel, which, Bro! Mashallaaaaah!!!

And this was me attempting to make khubz. Fun times, did it with a hot pan ’cos I do not have a working oven and whole place smelt like a pizza oven. And while I’m very comfortable in the kitchen, my baking skills are heaps rusty and no idea what I’m doing. Came out tasty as but not as good as shop-bought. No complaints with the hummus though, and the za’atar from Sunnah Shop is, like their dates, the best in Berlin.