Jekaterina Sadur “Insel der Glückseligen oder Berlin für die Russen” Roter Salon Volksbühne

Thursday night in Roter Salon, Volksbühne. Next door on the main stage, Castorf is running through his usual multiple hours of dress rehearsal for Die Brüder Karamasow, something to see next week. In the salon, a trio of actors and a pair of musicians performing Jekaterina Sadur’s Insel der Glückseligen oder Berlin für die Russen. There’s a hidden Das Helmi crossover here: the artwork hanging from Felix Loycke, the actors Ludmila Skripkina and Dasniya Sommer, all have performed with the Helmis.

I’m there to stick a video camera at everything, and to photograph—very out of practice with photographing theatre right now—and obviously because I’m a fangirl of both Dasniya and the Helmis, and schlep myself to pretty much everything the do.