Not too early departure for airport. Across city and past my favourite forest. I miss the early mornings cycling there. Again, soon. Meet Dasniya at the gate, direct to the bus to the plane to the seat. Plane to the runway. Depart. Berlin evaporates. Later, above, northerly, sky clearing, islands, inlets, forest becoming farm, farm becoming shore, one becoming the other. Lower, over granite quarries, over fringes of Boreal forest, landing. Stockholm.

Out of airport. Onto bus. Every roundness of the land worn through to expose stone, crystalline, cut through with intrusions, mostly grey, sometimes pink. Train station. Arrive. Tova and Christian meet us. A train, south and slightly east. It looks like where the girls live in We Are the Best! Long dinner and talking, sun blazing across table. To the supermarket. The sun goes down only a few minutes later than in Berlin. It rises almost an hour earlier.