Isabelle Schad: “An Un-Folding Process / Kids” at tanzhaus nrw

Sunday afternoon and Monday (eaaarly!) at tanzhaus nrw: Isabelle Schad! (and me if you wanna see me after.)

“An Un-Folding Process / Kids”
Isabelle Schad
As part of the series Kleine Monster

Sun 01.03. 15:00 + Mon 02.03. 10:00
Studio 6
tanzhaus nrw

Here everything seems to change all the time! Surrounding herself with panels of fabric the Berlin choreographer Isabelle Schad creates fascinating images. Is this a cage, a ball or even a dress and the human figure inside a cartoon character? She shows us how exciting an expedition to the human body and its relation to space can be. Starting from a lecture performance at tanzhaus nrw in the summer of 2014 where she showed excerpts from her piece Unturtled 1 – 4 and Der Bau came the idea to develop a new version for children.

It was impressive to see how the relations between body, movement, image, representation, between form and experience gain a life of their own through fabric, movement and humor. Kafka´s novel Der Bau inspired Isabelle Schad just like Rilke´s description of the works of Auguste Rodin, stating that he did not sculpture the body but the space around the body.

Working with the artist Laurent Goldring, Isabelle Schad searches for “constellations of forming” in her “pieces of change”, says the journalist Susanne Foellmer. Schad presented Der Bau at the Tanzplattform Deutschland in 2014 in Hamburg, one of the most important national dance events presenting the twelve most outstanding productions from the last two years from Germany.

Concept, choreography: Isabelle Schad, Laurent Goldring
Performance: Isabelle Schad
Artistic Assistant: Frances d’Ath