Magyar Nemzeti Galéria — 1: Medieval and Renaissance Stone Carvings

Yesterday, my first day in Budapest, sunny and warm, so a walk through the city, across the Danube, up the hill to the Buda Palace and into the Hungarian National Gallery. I came for the Mediæval art. There was a lot. I’ve split this up into four separate posts because 71 images in a single post is a little ridiculous. And after much pondering, I split them up along collection lines, which means a couple have not so many images and a couple quite a lot. Nonetheless, here they are:

  1. Magyar Nemzeti Galéria — 1: Medieval and Renaissance Stone Carvings
  2. Magyar Nemzeti Galéria — 2: Panel Paintings and Wooden Sculptures from the Gothic Period
  3. Magyar Nemzeti Galéria — 3: Late Gothic Winged Altarpieces
  4. Magyar Nemzeti Galéria — 4: Late Renaissance and Baroque Art

So, old stone stuff. It started in the book store, which has that beautiful wooden ceiling. Then a corridor and a single room. A lot of the pieces are fragments, small, or large, and many of the damaged ones have the faces intentionally bashed off, and not just in a “Oops, sorry, chipped your nose, it was sticking out too far” way, but deliberate removal of face back to rear of neck.

Probably yes, I could have some more images here, but it got out of control in the next collection. Let’s just say this is a fair-ish though impoverished representation of what was there.

Through the door and into the next collection…