Minus 5º walk in the snow and evening. And some photos. My room, yes, very orange and warm, yes ceramic Kohleofen in the corner. Yes, books! Out the window snow all day, all evening, and that beautiful dome. I walked along Krakowska and across the bridge as usual, then into the park. It was already dark, and with the blanket of snow and bare scarps of the former quarry empty of people, I could pretend I was in the Carpathians, one foot in front of the other. Back into the city, past a church. All churches in Poland are visual signifiers of the sublime. Across the bridge again, turning right for the first time, another church (there are many churches), down a street that came to the gate of Skałka. As much as I adored Prague, fell in love with Budapest, I think Małopolska has taken my heart.