Jennifer Evans — Colours of Bruises

Jennifer Evans’ Colours of Bruises video is up on Vimeo! In March this year I was assisting Dasniya and Jenn on the shoot in Alte Kantine Wedding. There’s been so much going on this year it really feels like much longer ago than just March this year, and that it was another project in Alte Kantine Wedding, where I seem to be perpetually.

So, along with uploading the video here in all its messy tying and anarchic shibari glory, I can also show the photos from those two days of shooting: Colours of Bruises Film Shoot Day 1 and Colours of Bruises Film Shoot Day 2.

Congratulations also to Jenn and all involved!

First single taken from “Works From The Dip & Foul” out in Ireland on 14th November 2014 on Delphi Label. //

Thanks and dedication to the late Lydia Evans-Lloyd and the late David Lloyd.

Concept, music: Jennifer Evans
Artistic direction: Dasniya Sommer, Jennifer Evans
Performance: Jennifer Evans, Emily Aoibheann
DP, grip, light, edit: Valquire Veljkovic

Choreography, rope installation: Dasniya Sommer
Technical rope and performance assistant: Frances d’Ath
2nd camera: Nata Failde
Set and decoration assistant: Isabel Simões

Filmed March 2014 at Alte Kantine Wedding, Berlin.

Thanks to Alte Kantine Wedding, Alexis Vokos, Camille Boostrom, Adrien Merigeau, Anna Fiedler & Michelle Baard