The forest around Flughafen Tegel is called Jungfernheide Forst. Most people think of the park in Charlottenburg as Jungfernheide. If I say Tegeler Forst, that’s the much larger forest to the north of Tegeler See, on which Jungfernheide Forst also sits. Saying Tegeler See is met with less blank looks than Flughafensee, the small lake at the eastern end of The Forest Around Flughaven Tegel, which is what I usually end up calling it.

This morning, as most mornings, I’m on my bike riding what I think of as the short loop of the forest. It’s the least adventurous—and fastest—because I stay on the main path. It still gives me 40 minutes or so along canals and through woods. Lately, I’ve been stopping at the east end of Flughafensee, just before I exit onto the main street back through Wedding, and enjoy the lake, the sky, the changing colours, birds and fish. I’ve been meaning to photograph some of my favourite parts of the forest and surrounds. This morning I decided to at least remember the lake.