Platanaceae, –a, –um! — Days 7-10

An audience of one makes a performance. A large box of ropes arrive from Spain. Once again we are looking for a tree (or trees). Most of the second week is gone.

Back in Alte Kantine Wedding all week, starting in the morning semi-early-ish around 930 for me with the toothbrushing routine of ankle, knee, misalignment salvage, then some abdominal bootcamp together, ballet barre, and on to the thing itself. Things have come and gone, been lost, re-found, made sense of, assembled, disassembled, come out the other side today with Cora – our audience of one – watching us hurtle through, and it seemed to work. Something troll-ish in it, trolls out working then making ballet, stopping for English breakfast, singing and hanging about, departing into troll ideas of amusement.

As well as the new rope, we also acquired several new slings and carabiners from Camp4, some things that might be costumes, possibly have enough, though Dasniya wants more of everything, just to be sure, and who am I to disagree when it comes to buying gear? Three more days in Berlin, then off to Heppenheim sometime on Monday.