We left Berlin at 3pm. Van packed in the back with scores of ropes, carabiners, slings, metal, tools, puppets, props, costumes, poles, our own personal stuff, us two in the front two in the back. It rained as we packed and rained as we left. out of Berlin along Seestr, through Westend, through Grunewald, into the Brandenburg flatness. Somewhere south of Jena we turned west, into Thüringer Wald, forested hills topped with castles. We paused every couple of hours at Autobahn rest stops lined with trucks. Back on the Autobahn doing 140kmh in a Mercedes Sprinter, a steady rhythm in the left lane blasting by pushing 200.

Turning south again as the sun goes under, Frankfurt on the skyline, around that on the west side, another half an hour and we arrive in Heppenheim at our hotel.