Platanaceae, –a, –um! — Days 5 & 6

Friday in the Uferhallen Gelände; Sunday in Balhaus Ost. Friday we planned to rehearse north of the Uferhallen, amongst some trees along the S-Bahn line to Pankow. We got everything downstairs, on our bikes, and decided to go to the other end of the Hallen, more-or-less diagonally opposite. At the back end there’s a medium-sized garden with several fully-grown trees, grass, a table and chairs. Quiet, sunny and shaded, surrounded by hip-high wild grass.

I took off to the market before and came back with cheese and bread. No smoked fish this week, the weather is too warm. Next was getting a sling across a bough, and then some outside ballet in hiking boots. And foam tutus. Some dancing with tutus and tied-up arms. A pause for coffee and eating. More playing in the ropes. Singing. Singing and hanging. Me off to physio, then back. Hanging barely off the ground with the sun on us casting shadows across the grass.

Today in Balhaus Ost. Basteln. Making puppets out of foam from abandoned mattresses and sofas. Dasniya made a large, green Tardigrade (about the most impressive life-form around), wearing a spare tutu – it looks almost like a heat-shield on hippopotamus; Florian and Solène both also made puppets of similar strange creatures; I made a blobby, fronded, tentacled, eyeless and mouthless deep sea thing. We started by tying up the foam, then suspending it, then for me at least, hacking away and filling in the gaps with glue-gunned scraps – my first attempt at a Helmi puppet. These are all bagged up and arriving tomorrow for our return to Alte Kantine Wedding.