Platanaceae, –a, –um! — Days 2-4

The end of our first week in Alte Kantine Wedding – tomorrow we rehearse in the forest and Saturday at Balhaus Ost. Our days have something of a regularity now: for me, 45 minutes of dealing to my ankles, then we do together some bootcamp core training – very useful for suspensions – and then 45 minutes or so of a ballet barre.

Today Florian had brought the foam tutus from the Balhaus. I ended up with the green one I think of as “Mars Attacks! tutu” because it’s the one Dasniya (and others) wears in the flier for that show. We made today Goblins doing ballet. Goblins in foam tutus with arms tied up in ropes. I played Solène’s self-made contra-bass as they did pas de bourée, pas de basque, pique turns, and danced together. Later I messed around on my own with the former forest of ropes now collapsed into a very heavy mess. It feels better with the tutu (it also makes me feel like I’m in Isabelle Schad’s Der Bau but with ropes instead of fabric). It’s only a short work, around 30 minutes. (I’m having trouble stringing sentences together; here’s some photos:)