Well, That’s Disappointing

I’d been waiting for my new MacBook Pro for weeks, and yesterday it finally arrived. I was rehearsing in the evening, so decided to postpone the unpacking until today because I wanted to photograph it like I did six years ago, and because I was planning to install everything anew. Today being lazy, it was around 4:30pm I got organised.

Half an hour later, just when I’m pulling the wrapper off the thing itself, getting ready to plug it in, I discover a fucking dent on the bottom case. A fucking dent. On my new, 2947.00€ MacBook Pro. I couldn’t believe it. I almost said, “aw, fuck it, whatever,” and then thought, “Wait, I just spent three thousand euros on something that I expect to last me six years, which I’ve already chosen to ignore the slightly dirty cable packaging and the definitely not clean bottom case, and now a fucking dent? Fuck this.”

So I packed it back up, put the lid back on the box and called BetterWorx. Oops. Closed. Wait ’til Monday. I’m not even going to speculate on how a new laptop can arrive buggered, but it’s going back and I’m fucked if I’m accepting this one.