Bike Repairs


After three years of riding my bike pretty hard, it was long past having bits replaced. The headset had a groove worn in it so when turning it would resist then ‘hilariously’ oversteer, and the entire chainset was worn to the point of looking like someone took a mallet to it. So, off to the bike shop. Yesterday I got it back, which meant I threw a lot of Euros around, explosive decompression of bank account; it cost as much as a cheap-ish new bike (still cheaper than der Öffis). But it is beautiful. When I change gears it doesn’t go “grrrr–grrrr–clunk” anymore. It goes “snick!” and sometimes “ching!” And it’s shiny beyond belief. It looks fucking beautiful. I’ve also finally found about the best setup for the canti brakes (the brakes that don’t), as evinced by throwing myself over the handlebars while testing (yes, I really did). Almost a pity that it’s going to get hurled in the mud again and have Berlin sand and forest ground into it.