Colours of Bruises Film Shoot Day 2

Some photos from Tuesday, the second day of shooting Jennifer Evans‘ video for her song, Colours of Bruises, with Dasniya Sommer doing all the rope work and generally directing, and Valquire Veljkovic filming. Altogether we were seven: Jennifer accompanied by Emily; Valquire with Nata on second camera, and Isabelle assisting with set and props. As on Monday, I was up and down the ladder making use of many clove hitches and Dasniya’s new static rope and climbing pulleys (which finally got put to use!). When not up the ladder, I continued pointing my camera at things.

The second day was much more of building a rope installation, which was added to over the day, collapsing in on itself to the final state of both Jennifer and Emily suspended in the midst of almost every rope of every kind we had, chairs, clothes, books, twigs and branches, a table, many carabiners, slings, rings, static rope, pulleys, all of which somehow allowed for Jennifer to be slowly lowered down and out of it over several minutes.

These photos over the two days show only some of what went on. Sometimes it was too dim and with movement too fast for me to capture anything; other times I was up a ladder, or otherwise pulling on gear without an extra set of hands for my camera. The last photos were taken with my old LX3, which I was very surprised at the substantial difference in quality between it and my new LX7. As usual, these get added to my increasing stack of photos I’ve taken over the last few years, making me think it’s getting close to enough for an exhibition.

These images were private for some time; the first day of shooting is here: Colours of Bruises Film Shoot Day 1.