Colours of Bruises Film Shoot Day 1

Some photos from Monday, the first day of shooting Jennifer Evans‘ video for her song, Colours of Bruises, with Dasniya Sommer doing all the rope work and generally directing, and Valquire Veljkovic filming. Altogether we were seven: Jennifer accompanied by Emily; Valquire with Nata on second camera, and Isabelle assisting with set and props. Me, I was up and down the ladder making use of many clove hitches and Dasniya’s new static rope and climbing pulleys. When not up the ladder, I had some time to point my camera at things.

The first day took five hours or so to set up, get everything ready, and get to the first shot. Much of the day and evening were the simpler shots, also gradually building the ropes up, partly dismantling them, retying, to arrive at the appropriate mess. It looks immediately similar to Jute Disintegration, not the least because it was done in the same space with much of the same clothing, ropes, and furniture.

These images were private for some time; the second day of shooting is here: Colours of Bruises Film Shoot Day 2.