There seem to be a lot of Baroque merchant palaces I am visiting lately. Admittedly the centre of Bologna is unavoidable for these; Berlin on the other hand tends more to the vast architecture plus formal gardens. So I was surprised when arriving at a hotel in Wallstr, the façade of which is of that horribly generic post-war German construction that it hid a Rococo gem. One that wasn’t even built on that land, according to the hotel website, but was moved there from its former, 17th century location.

I was there to tie a model for a photo shoot, the photographer Boris Krajl had contacted me via Dasniya. In-between the shibari, I wandered and took some photos. On the walls curiously, were drawings of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s wrapping of buildings – architectural shibari. One of them was the Sydney Opera House.