Parsifal Bologna Day 1

Our first day in the theatre today, Teatro Communale di Bologna, which is pretty much at the end of the street we are living on, all of us in the same apartment building. Bologna is covered in communist, anti-fascist (and occasionally, fascist), anti-capitalist graffiti, scrawled over the gently decaying terracotta, ochre, burnt umber façades, and so too is it with the theatre. Inside, I am memorising the path of least resistance for my head; it is not a theatre for tall people.

Today we made some administration stuff, pulled on our old wigs, and got on stage for some setting up of equipment and a first rehearsal with the new Klingsor. Also found our rehearsal room, once again far up the top of the theatre, our dressing room just below, wandered many corridors and stairs finding where everything is, discovered at least three elevators, one of which seems to finish on the roof.