OMG Ballet!

Wow but it’s been a long time since I was last strangling a ballet barre. Dasniya is teaching all this week at Centre of Dance, and I promised myself I’d drag my currently undancerly body along for a variation in my current training, as well, just because I like her class, and it’s in the Kulturbrauerei, which unlike all other ballet classes in Berlin is figuratively around the corner instead of a committed slog through the middle of town and over to Kreuzberg.

A considerable shock to my body seeing most of this year training has been cyclocross, yoga, standing on a wobble board, and occasional schlepping into a studio for my own edification. I tried to be very half-arsed about it, no grimacing of muscles and plenty of seeing what I could use from my own methods of moving I’ve been playing around with all year. It was all very familiar and quite amazing how the body does not forget (deleterious habits also) and even somehow refines its understanding of itself through not doing.

There’s a little over a week until Parsifal rehearsals get serious, so this is also a variation on  my body, to remind myself of the other things I can do. And for anyone else in Berlin who would like a ballet class (mostly in English) even on Christmas day …

Lets dance! Vom 24. – 27. Dezember 2013 vertrete ich Chizu Kimuras Profitraining in Berlin –Prenzlauerberg.

Daten: 24. – 27.12.2013
Uhrzeit: 12.-13.30 h
Wo: Center of Dance Directions
In der ‘Kulturbrauerei’, Schönhauseralle 36, 10435 Berlin
U2–Bhf Eberswalderstr