Noblisse Oblige — Mata Hari

From November last year, when I met Valquire, and Valerie and Sebastian from Noblisse Oblige and choreographed for their music video. I’ve had this for a while and seeing I’m doing an afternoon of non-work in front of screen, thought it was about time I put it here.

  • Noblesse Oblige – Mata Hari
  • A music video by Valquire Veljkovic
  • Prop design: Isabel Simões
  • Grip assistant: Jean Pidré
  • Clothes: Tata Christiane
  • Assistant Tata Christiane: Linnéa Broo Andersen
  • Dance choreography: Frances d’Ath
  • Dancers: Kaddish, Kana Tanaka, Nils Freyer, Elle Erdman, Irene Gonzáles, Elsa Loy
  • Special appearance: Udo Wiegand
  • Special thanks: Brina Stinehelfer, Nikolaus Schneider
  • A valconsprojects production

Music and lyrics written by Valerie Renay, Sebastian Lee Philipp
Mata Hari appears on the Noblesse Oblige Album Affair of the Heart