bell hooks & Janet Mock

Not so long ago I picked up bell hooks’ Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center on a whim while passing through St George’s Bookshop. I read it thinking in amazement how relevant it was, wishing I’d read her in my teens instead of the separatist dross I did, and hoping so much that a feminist from that era wouldn’t pull the predictable anti-trans women bullshit. I experienced some disappointment, nothing like the rubbish from the vast majority of white feminists from that time, but still …

And this morning for breakfast, from Janet Mock, who is one of the most relevant, articulate, and important transgender advocates, a photo of her with bell hooks. And she said:

Went in with bell hooks about black womanhood, gender policing, trans women of color, desire, self-love and so much more during our intimate conversation at Ohio State University It was organized by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Multicultural Center and titled, “Gender Policing & the Politics of Defining Womanhood.”

Last night, upon our first meeting, I gave bell my book Redefining Realness, and she surprised me at breakfast this AM by having read the entire book. She actually read passages to the audience! It was a transformative experience for both of us, as black women from different generations and experiences to share stories, insights and thoughts.

Went in with bell hooks about black womanhood …

It’s not the answer to everything, but it’s well awesome.