Cie. Ivo Dimchev — Fest, at ImPulsTanz

What brought me to Vienna several weeks ago back to ImPulsTanz and Ivo has its premiere tomorrow night:

Cie. Ivo Dimchev — Fest

It’s an exciting game that is determined by various kinds of human relationships. The name of the game is “Festival”, and Ivo Dimchev knows it very well because his radical works have enthused and been hotly disputed at all major European festivals for more than 10 years. Now it’s his turn: to stage his own festival, beyond the limits of conventions and with his unique, magic flavour of presence.

Dates: 27 & 29 July, 2013
Time: 23:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
ImPulsTanz Performances 2013

Concept & Direction: Ivo Dimchev
Performers: Ivo Dimchev, Annina Machaz, Nicola Schössler, Mirko Feliziani
Light Design: Giacomo Gorini
Sound Design: Emilian Gatsov
Dramaturgy & Assistance: Frances d’Ath