Fest — 3

A day off today and tomorrow, though not for Ivo, who is westwards towards Switzerland bound. A couple of days ago, we saw the Kasino theatre, where we’ll be performing, apparently the seating has been rearranged. It’s still quite massive. Yesterday we moved to a new studio in Thaliastr, right around the corner by the Wochenmarkt, so no mad bike rides across town for me now. I think I’ll have to perhaps circle the Gurtel once; go the long way, so to speak, in order to enjoy the suffering of Vienna hills.

Yesterday also, Guido came into rehearsal, so we went through the currently three scenes out of order. It was worthwhile to force them to coalesce for someone and to find out how it feels when being watched. It’s very long so far, but this is not such a problem, as it’s also fairly coherent and should yield easily to the sharp knife of editing. Little else to say, then. Dinner also with Ivo and Guido, and much meta-conversation about the piece, which I enjoyed a lot.

Shall continue reading …