Fest — 2

The temperature today is 25° less than on Friday, minus glaring blue sky, plus what is defined as “starker Regen”; mostly the streets are sluicing great sheets of water and everything is hydroplane-y. Naturally, I am in no doubt it’s perfect weather for either biking to rehearsal, or hiking in the Wald. Rehearsal it is, then.

My day’s routine has become lurching vertical-wards around 7am – I suspect induced mostly by it getting light around 4am – breakfast plus reading (my suitcase will be un-liftable by the time I return to Berlin), and then an hour and an half or so of yoga-ish antics. I’m somewhat out of routine with yoga, and last week was the first in a very long time when I’ve done yoga every day, and not even a heavy, Astanga workout, just a lot of floor stuff and at the end some light sun salutes. Seems enough though, and I add a little more every day.

Rehearsals, then. Sometimes starting in the afternoon, like today, other times in the morning (requiring diligence to get through yoga and standing on balance board in time for sitting on bike). Today was an afternoon start, so I bashed away at some code, and other computer stuff, then had a lazy lunch. More reading, obviously.

I’m not sure how much to say about rehearsals, so I shall be a little vague. Marko joined us from Rome on Saturday, and today was four of us, with Nicola returning from Berlin tomorrow. We’re doing a lot of ‘gardening’ on the second scene, which is to say, like gardening, we start at one end, dig the way to the other; a combination of scything through weeds and occasional exhuming large roots and boulders. Once one pass through the undergrowth is complete, we return for another. Today we carted off approximately one skip full. Accompanying the gardening is Ligeti, Stockhausen, Berg, Chinese classical, house music, hit ‘Play’ and hope for the best.

It’s a nice group to work with, and for me a new role, both as assistant and working on a piece that is currently text-heavy theatre, though somehow familiar, working with text, seeing the patterns, structures, and so on, a bit like coding, a bit like blogging, a bit like writing fiction (yes, is novel). Nice also being in Vienna with a good bike, getting soaked in pseudo-summer as warm as Australian winter.