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Last week, after getting back from Majorca, I bashed through updating my other site (, about which I’ll say more shortly), in preparation for finishing two other sites in the coming week and one more around the end of this month. Much coding, plus occasional greeting dawn from the wrong side of the keyboard, which happened this morning, as I hauled out an approximate version 3 of Dasniya’s website.

It’s been planned for a while, and with me running WordPress 3.6 bleeding edge nightlies on a couple of sites to test the impending Post Format Tumblr-isation and rolling of mediaelement.js into the core for video and audio, and the sad demise of WPAlchemy (well, it’s still going and for many situations it’s beautiful code, it’s just that I can feel it going the way of qTranslate, and the multilingual disaster that was), and me replacing that everywhere with the truly brilliant Advanced Custom Fields … Dasniya’s site was last properly attended to – when it was made one with WordPress – two or so years ago, which makes it creakingly old. Dasniya also was making noises about having a proper blog to dump all kinds of things that didn’t really fit into the current table-sized site, and I was also looking at FlowPlayer again for video, since they released the HTML5 video player with awesome slo-mo/fast-forward functions (as well as all the other stuff that make it my favourite when needing more than what mediaelement.js can do).

So once finishing my site last week, I began hacking away at Dasniya’s. Some days later, after a quite intense coding jag, it emerged around 5am this morning. In-between, I truly spent way too much time looking at the SQL database and so much PHP and jQuery and CSS and making everything work together, and of course once the great, broad strokes have been swung, it comes down to shuffling things around by the pixel.

Overall, it looks the same, behaves the same, though the typography and layout has been given much more attention, and I’ve lopped close to half all the code out. In turn, I added back in that half in the form of her blog, Zur Zeit, which takes advantage of aforementioned Post Formats for video, images, galleries, and the slightly obscure asides and statuses. Not quite finished yet, still beating at the code a little, getting it to work in various browsers … in another two years I’ll probably do the same again and look at my old code and wonder what I was thinking.