Reading: Terry Pratchett — The Colour of Magic

Oh yes, Discworld! Taking a break from all things anthropo-historical, or things of that nature pertaining to Earth, and going on a Pratchett bender. I love these books. They’re funny, clever, gloriously imaginative, also tender and ethical; he’s somewhat the fantasy equivalent of Iain M. Banks when it comes to imagining a universe.

I picked this one up when I was at St. George’s, ordering a bunch of aforementioned tomes which shall commit serious haæmorrhaging on my precarious funds. But who cares? Five euros to enter this brilliant world. This one turns out to be the first, and also one I’ve read before; so many and I often forget which I’ve read until I’m part-way in. Not that it matters, a bit like Harry Potter, I can come back to them every few years with some enthusiasm.