Messing around on

I’ve been amusing myself the last day, not that I remember what set it off, but probably something to do with Flowplayer, which has been one of my two video players of adoration for years, which had updated a while ago to make all the html5 excitement work, and has been using a veeery old version, as well as even having video in *cough* Flash format. And me liking to play with new code, and not wanting to have that site grow crapulous, spent a quick bit of time one it.

Quick being about a day and an half. First I had to swap all the old custom fields code from outdated plugins (sadly departing from WPAlchemy), then get it working with the new (yay (etc)! ACF), then get Flowplayer 5 working with playlists (much mashing ‘return’ until things spluttered into existence, somehow failed to get the JavaScript method working), then playing with all the new methods … yawn, there goes a day … Then deciding I should re-encode the video to whatever format will be outdated in a year or two, and then deciding to add some new pages and videos of old projects … and finally going through all the templates and html5-ising them, cleaning up junk … hopefully it all works. (It did remind me I need to make some new work also.)