As I was saying, arriving back from Majorca, I went mental updating my old and much-loved website, (where I entertain delusions of choreography). As with Dasniya’s site, it wasn’t much of adding new things or changing the design, I’m quite partial the look, and have a fondness for Anonymous Pro which I think is one of the nicest monospace typefaces around. So once again, it was cutting through the undergrowth, updating stuff, kind of an anti-ageing process.

Ditching WPAlchemy for Advanced Custom Fields, updating to FlowPlayer 5, swapping all the text, images, video over to those, rewriting the templates, messing around with ways of loading web fonts without ugliness, hmm what else? Adding Apocalypse PRD (even though it was not such a good work, but the poster was quite spectacular, and Emile in Canton Opera demon attire!), adding other stuff (should really replace some of the background images …)

Oh! Yes, video! I’ve been using Flowplayer for ages, since whenever I first tried to find non-Flash video players (video on the internet, despite YouTube and Vimeo and the rest, is a nightmarish horror in inverse proportion to set up as it is a joy to watch), and while for a while I went over to mediaelement.js when HTML5 video became supported enough for me to say, “Sod off!” to browsers that couldn’t handle it – and mediaelements is still my default a lot of the time (it’s light, easy to set up, and is now in WordPress Core; as well, I’ve always liked it) – when FlowPlayer finally made the transition to HTML5 video … drool on floor. Slo-mo and fast-forward, default support for skipping through the timeline, works on Android and iOS … playlists! Actually it was the last one that was important for me, because I’d always had the video as a playlist, and making an ACF {/FlowPlayer playlist in WordPress was mainly what I wanted to do.

So now, I just need to choreograph some new work, no?