Tilburg Part 2

Three days in Tilburg, and one night of obligatory post-show Australian Dance Theatre getting-kicked-out-‘cos-it’s-closing-time. Twice. Which is how I like to remember my time in Adelaide.

In Tilburg, Daniel and I found today a passable café. It was still of the ‘theme café’ variety, but the wholesome, second-hand, thrown together, earthy, natural, and caringly homemade theme was convincingly well-done so that it didn’t too often feel like we were in The Waltons.

ADT last night were awesome. The usual phenomenal dancers, everything well-rehearsed, and then a moment around 2/3rds of the way through where they all seemed to realise it was going swimmingly and just cut loose. Not as if they were holding back for the first 40 minutes, it was more one of those collective moments when it doesn’t seem possible that anything can go wrong or out of time and they enjoyed the hell out of it.

The theatre is also beautiful, and it turns out some parts of Tilburg aren’t like a strange compulsory tourist town, but I was glad to be on the train out, even though I’d rather have been on the bus going north with the rest of the family.

So, back in Brussels for a few more days, then off east to Berlin. Possibly some Brussels tourism and definitely seeing Hans and Anuschka again before more airports.