Back in Berlin with the usual pouring-of-day-down-toilet that is economy airlines. Really, I’d get the train everywhere if Deutsche Bahn (and others) weren’t so scandalously overpriced. I’d get work done for a start, and Brussels to Berlin is only a couple of hours longer by train door-to-door than the ‘1 hour’ flight (for values of ‘1 hour’ that include 2.5 hours check-in and .5 ‘waiting for suitcase’).

So! Tilburg, Daniel, ADT. Brussels, Hans, Anuschka, Mokka coffee, piadina at the market (twice!). No shopping in Antwerpen because despite being a 40min drive from Tilburg, it’s 90+ minutes on the train, and I just wanted to get back to Brussels.

Last time I was in Brussels, Hans was just building his new studio in Workspace Renold (wow was really middle of last year I was last there). This time, it’s finished and it’s dead cozy, wood-fired heaters and all. The pictures don’t do it any justice; it’s much bigger (I’m standing about half-way along the length) and is charming – with a lot of natural light even for such small windows. I saw Hans and Anuschka … not enough! but at least four times, and as always become very tempted to make the move over to Brussels.

Anuschka asked me why I don’t write more, which reminded me, I’ve been working on a science-fiction(-ish) novel for the past year, and hit a god-almighty 13,000 words (at this rate will take me another decade before a rough draft is finished). I’d not touched it for a few months, and felt well-inspired, so bashed out / am bashing out several more scenes. Having never written a novel, and never got past a couple of thousand words on any previous attempt, I have no idea what I’m doing, so am proceeding by writing in the hopes it will become clear.

And now returned to Wedding, properly seeing Dasniya (compulsory lazytime), some rehearsing this morning (strange and glorious to get up at 8am to stumble downstairs at 8:30 and spend the morning working, me on abjection, Dasniya on whatever she’ll perform in Australia), finger is mostly healed – it looks funny with a row of stitches going a third the way round … pictures!