Abjection Rehearsal 11

My Thursday night rehearsal, after which I went to Stadtbad Wedding with Hartmut for !K7-27’s Subkultur / Berlin 80, swapping from metal to industrial. Music for me for the night was Abruptum’s Evil Genius, which is a fine, subtle, and brilliant album, and was entirely appropriate for my evening’s activities.

Which involved more highly repetitive making-coherent of simple movements, for example, one hour spent on rolling from side to side gradually coming up to squatting; the aim is to find what other movement is necessary to make the movement as smooth and inevitable as walking. Of course it means, “it depends”. Wherever the priority is given, or wherever the impetus or whatever other defining thing, this changes everything else. But it’s still possible to generally establish the phase space in which this occurs. It’s a bit like riding a bike sometimes, the same thing over and over, loosely and … putting in the effort without bashing; being relaxed while attacking.

And a lot of working on this section; almost half an hour of it, over and over. Making more sense as ever, and later this week I have some more time to spend on it. Maybe some video again.