Abjection Rehearsal 8

I’d planned to return to rehearsing a lot earlier than this, but laziness, other work, got in the way. So, return. A different studio this time. I’m still in Theaterhaus Mitte, which means a meandering bike ride there and back, attempting on the latter to find streets and ways I haven’t passed before; surprisingly easy.

Today and tomorrow are easy rehearsals, five hours of working methodically through ideas that have come up in the previous month, no bashing out and going crazy when my body is not used to it. And I haven’t been cycling either, the past month, so I’m pretty slovenly and slothful. Four hours then, of bits of yoga, Klein, Pilates, working on movement, watching it snow, generally just keeping going somehow for those hours; the last hour reserved for something new.

I saw Isabelle perform Der Bau last week (and Das Helmi’s Magnet der Affen), a very intense solo, and from that seem to have found a way to think about the rope work in abjection. After the last rehearsal, I was starting to think that the piece was going to become something very different from what i’d been working on (working on for far too long), but now perhaps I think I know what’s going on again.

And other excitement for abjection and me, Valquire – whom I choreographed for a music video he was filming last year – and I are going to see what might become of those ten minutes or so of movement which has been the subject of rehearsals ’til now. In the meantime, back there tomorrow for more gentleness and lack of terror (should probably listen to a Black Sabbath ballad or something).