Abjection Rehearsal 10

Another night in Alte Kantine Wedding, which is beyond convenient for me; when I started the ground outside was lightly dusted in fine snow, and a few hours later was cloaked in three centimetres or so of white. Last night was also special because Valquire joined me to watch and film a little. We’re planning on making something of a dance film of the black metal scene I’ve been working on, so this was a a first watch, talk, bash some ideas around.

The usual warmup preceded, and it’s gratifying that the last few weeks of a daily hour on my wobble board has given me more than just calf muscles (which are also nice). Still doing arm swings, which are progressively getting more complicated, and just beginning to thread their way into the movement. There were some useful things that came up though it feels a little approximate and sparse at the moment, things that will resolve themselves through some concentrated repetition.

And the ropes have been lurking in a bag also. That for next week as well.