Reading: Terry Pratchett — Various Discworld

Running out of things to read. I just went through a bnch of Iain Banks (Complicity, also, which I didn’t mention), and then steadfastly refusing Marx, aimed at Terry Pratchett. Resulting in a trip to St George’s for a couple more. Oh, secondhand books, why are you so cheap yet delectable?

So, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents first, which was beautiful and funny and smart, and vastly more intelligent as a ‘children’s’ book than a good 3/4 of the dross I’ve read in past few years. Then on to Thief of Time, which I’ve read before but was also a delight to read again, and now shuffling through Wintersmith – also read before. Much more enjoyable than Marx, and far more sophisticated political analysis than that old tosser also.