The End of Autumn Cyclocross

Well, that was unexpected. Several days of snow and finally it breaks zero so snow becomes fracturing mush treacherous to cycle on (there’s probably some interesting dynamics going on in the compressing of slush, especially how it tends to shear under non-vertical pressure), and me, thinking, “Oh, that’d be nice to cycle in, and I haven’t been for a ride since Wednesday, and spent the weekend eating and drinking so I’d better do something aerobic, and doesn’t that grey cold wet exteriority look attractive?” (no, really, not being sarcastic). I almost gave up before the end of the street.

I took the road route to the eastern end of Jungfernheide, and was immediately very mournful of getting anywhere into the forest by bike, and with ten centimetres of snow and me having zero experience in riding on this, gave up after about 200 metres, turned around, made a big loop around and through the forest on the road, and back along the canal (almost getting mashed by a big orange rubbish truck, licence plate BS 2429, who decided passing at speed 30cm from me on greasy ice slag was properly how it’s done).

So if the snow departs somewhat, it’s back into the Wald, otherwise it’s finding some nice roads without too many homicidal drivers. Or learning how to ride fast on snow. The latter course is going to involve a lot of falling over.

Arrived home, very wet and dirty, covered in black road shit, toes a bit pink from the cold, utterly happy. I expect I’ll force myself to learn forest snow cycling just for the monumental increase in suffering it brings, and the commensurate enjoyment.