Reading: Iain Banks — The Business

Which I’ve also read at least four times, I think — as well as handed over to a couple of people about to cross two hemispheres at 11000 metres. Written a couple of years before Dead Air, it’s entirely a different thing, the millennia-old business interest of the title is perhaps a capitalist-libertarian predecessor to the Culture, somewhat as Archaen bacteria is to us, and as with The Bridge, some of the narrative concerns are developed in a way particular to that galactic society.

I read many of Banks’ novels in the mid-’00s — not that there’s an exact delineation between his writing periods (The Crow Road and The Steep Approach to Garbadale for example are similar in many regards though chronologically occuring during different periods), but perhaps I think of The Business as one of the last if not the last of his previous period, and The Algebraist as the beginning of his current — and so I’m returning to these older works having been through the current ones mostly twice each.

Well, maybe just to say this remains one of my favourites, and leave it at that, no?