Jute Disintegration — Attempt #2

On the first weekend of December (that’s this one coming), Dasniya and I are making a second attempt of Jute Disintegration, this time it seems with more people. It’s the same as before, but not. We’ve yet to watch the video of last time, though I’ve had a bit of a look at it, and whatever thoughts that have been stewing in my hinterbrain for the last months seem to have begun to decide to become articulate.

So, once again we have one day of something like a rehearsal, followed by another day of this with the addition of an object called “audience”. The general idea here being that audience affects what’s going on by the act of observing, so until it’s been observed, one can’t say anything (definite or otherwise) about what’s going on.

It’s something of a rehearsal then, and performance, performance art, installation. Some things will remain from last time, others abandoned, still others continued, evolved, intensified. It definitely has people and ropes. Possibly Japanese tea ceremony, some reading (loud and quiet), costumes, hair and make-up, of course a lot of unshibari, this what Dasniya and I have been working on for quite some time.

The idea continues from last time, that it would be nice to do what we’ve been doing with a large group of people, and continue for some hours. It also has a certain philosophical and political bent, in that we’re attempting to embody the concerns of shibari; more or less things that are familiar to anyone who knows Dasniya’s or my work.

As before, Sunday. We start around 16h, but it will probably take an hour or so to get interesting. Think of it as something you’d see in a gallery, rather than a performance with fixed beginning and ending times; 15 minutes at 1730 might be enough, or a couple of hours broken in the middle with a trip to Barrikade, or the entire thing.

jute disintegration
a performance installation
attempt 2

It is the second attempt. There are ropes. Also, people.
They are tied/tying themselves to/on/around/above/below themselves, others, other things, sometimes with many ropes, or only one. Some are standing, or sitting, or lying. Or suspended, self- or otherwise, partly/mostly on the ground, in the air.
Sometimes they move together, sometimes singly.
The ones alone sometimes come to others together, many or few, join or leave, form or disband, from there to another there.
It is a dance, of sorts.
They are dressed. Costumes, make-up, hair.
Time passes and this changes. Each is unique and each is identical; difference and repetition.
This is an installation as much as a performance. It is baroque, somewhere, also a physical oratory.
It is an anarchy of shibari. unshibari.

Who: Frances d’Ath & Dasniya Sommer
With: Hartmut Fischer, antek, Antidote, floZif, Justine, Rock’n’Roll Cora, MOko, Gala Moody, Andreas Schildbach, Lun Ário
When: Sunday, December 2nd, 16-19 Uhr
Where: Alte Kantine Wedding, Uferhallen Kulturwerkstatt, Uferstr. 8-11, 13357 Berlin
U8 Pankstr/ U9 Osloerstr.
Info: email@dasniyasommer.de

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