The Funeral Tree — Gabrielle Nankivell

I don’t blog so often about upcoming shows anymore, not to worry, here’s one worth going to Adelaide for. There are two different casts listed, but I’m pretty sure what arrived in my email today is the real one (otherwise I’m not sure what Gala is doing there). So, go to Adelaide, probably the one of best pieces of dance you’ll see this year.

Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE:development program presents


Friday 14 September 4pm & 7pm
Rehearsal Room 2 – Adelaide Festival Centre

Be the first to experience pioneering performance freshly developed in the rehearsal room. Meet at the Dunstan Playhouse foyer entrance 15 minutes prior to performance time.

A 2nd stage creative development on the art of losing.

Previously we had fiction – thylacines, burglary and BBQ’s, from here on in, everything you see and hear is true.

Created by Gabrielle Nankivell with Luke Smiles, Gala Moody, Tobiah Booth-Remmers, Tal Graham, Chris Herzfeld and Michael Hill.