Daniel Jaber & ADT — Nought

As if four shows in one week in two different hemispheres (well, four really, depending on how you count them) … wait! Four? … I mean three. Here’s the fourth. The beautiful Daniel Jaber who I miss very much (and would appreciate delimiting said missing by arranging rapid arrival in Berlin), has a work-in-progress showing of Nought, at ADT Australian Dance Theatre on … Friday! Now there’s no excuse if you’re in Adelaide to complain there’s nothing to do this week. Two amazing choreographers one after the other (it’s kind of like tag-team wrestling. Well, not really.). I’m hoping he sends a video to me quick.

(Daniel says, “It’s very pretty very dance very silent very awkward and very non stop dancing for an hour and listen to the dancers get exhausted and pant like their enduring a hard very hard fuck.”)

Australian Dance Theatre presents Daniel Jaber’s
a work-in-progress showing

September 21, 6pm at the ADT Studio
126 Belair Road
Adelaide SA

RSVP essential: julia@adt.org.au
or (08) 8373 7733

Direction & Concept: Daniel Jaber
Choreography: Daniel Jaber & the ADT dancers
Soundtrack: Brendan Woithe & Thomas Jeker
Costumes: Catherine Ziersch
ADT Dancers: Scott Ewen, Amber Haines, Jessica Hesketh, Kyle Page, Kimball Wong
Secondements: Marcus Louend, Madeline Edwards

www.adt.org.au | www.danieljaber.com