Grass Unshibari

The Uferhallen Gelände has perhaps one-third once used for, I suppose, parking busses at night, or other vehicle-inclined activities. Mostly it’s empty, and from spring to autumn the grass advances delightfully upwards until the whole tree-ringed mass resembles a meadow.

Of course someone comes in once in a while and butchers the place at the ankles, which happened to the front half in the last days. Lucky the back part remained, as I’ve had this peculiar desire to do shibari on meadow grass for some time, and today spent a couple of hours trampling a small part of it.

Unsurprisingly, I need a lot more rope than a mere 15 lengths to do anything substantial — it looked like some thread got picked by the wind and snared, rather than any mass of plant bondage. Anyway, it was fun and could easily become an afternoon pastime.