The powder blue car outside

What a treat to look out the window as I was running south for Neukölln. I seldom see such old cars on the streets, and in Berlin if ever, it’s a Trabant. This though … I thought it was a rare Anglia, but it looked not quite utilitarian enough, and a little too unnecessarily stylish. And anyway, what would an Anglia be doing in Germany?

So I departed and wandered through the film crew onto the street, and saw beneath its delightful raked rear window my beloved double chevron of Citroën in sharp black and white on the mud flaps. I had no idea the maker of the car Roland Barthes celebrated in Mythologies, and which I even learnt the mechanics of, the most beautiful DS, also made something that looked like an Anglia.

There’s more than a hint of the DS here, from the dashboard and steering column, to the covered read wheels … and I’d even seen Ami 6‘s before, as station wagons. Yes, Frances has a bit of a thing for the Citroën. I would love to drive through Europe in such a car.