Reading: Tony Ballantyne – Recursion

Having gorged myself on twenty episodes of Game of Thrones in under a week, I now return to the joyful vacuousness of reading science-fiction. Filling in some gaps, mostly. When I was in Zürich, having already got my introduction to Charles Stross (or unsure whether to buy Accelerando) and needing something to pass the evenings with, I read Tony Ballantyne’s Capacity. It took me a while to realize it was the second part of three books, and periodically I’ve thought of finishing them off.

I worked my way through Divergence a few days ago. It had something attractive about it that reminded me of the depth and imagination of Capacity, but also seemed to miss something elusive of the middle book. So now I finish with the first: Recursion.

And many of the characters and ideas, settings and narrative come from here, so it is a peculiar way for me to go about things. It reminds me a little of Iain M. Banks’ Feersum Endjinn, not in the beautiful language of Bascule though; possibly in the motion of the characters through landscapes – though being honest here, Feersum Endjinn is my favourite fiction work, my one book to take to a desert island.

I also have a newer work by Ballantyne, Twisted Metal, which I’ll work on sometime soon – digging my way out of the pile beside my bed.