Jute Disintegration – An Installation

This Sunday, Dasniya and I, along with a few others are making some kind of performance/performance art/installation thing in Alte Kantine Wedding. It’s something of another rehearsal, and something of a thing that people could observe as an audience might. It has quite a few ropes, a table or two, some partial Japanese tea ceremony, some food, reading also (loud or quiet), and all the usual adventures in rope Dasniya and I have been working on for the last couple of years.

The vaguest of general ideas was that it might be nice to do all this with quite a few people, and over quite some hours, until it becomes mundane or unaffected. Yet it’s also something to perform, and so resembles the act of performing. I’m fairly sure I can’t say anything concrete of what it’s about, as I’ve decided it’s better to say nothing precise than to risk in saying something causing that to be what it manifests as. Nonetheless, anyone who has been reading me writing on this stuff, or knows my or Dasniya’s work will not find it entirely unfamiliar.

Sunday then. We are starting in the afternoon, and it will probably get interesting after 17h, or possibly 18h. You might like to come along and watch for a while. Café Pförtner will also be open as usual, so coming and going, missing things, hoping for something interesting, seeing things change, might work well with wandering around Uferhallen.

There are many people and many ropes. Some are tied/tying themselves to/on/ around/above/below a long table; others are self-suspended/partially suspended/ mostly on the ground; others might just have one rope wrapped around them. Time passes, and this changes. Someone/people might move from one place to another, suspend themselves or come to the ground, join or leave, form or disband a group.

It is an anarchy of shibari; repetition and difference. It is It is also somewhat baroque, or ‘dressed up’; something of an installation, something of a performance.