Jute Disintegration – #1

Yesterday began proper something Dasniya and I have been talking about for a while – a performance/installation of ropes plus other things. It is somewhat inevitable, really, given the previous photo shoots, workshops, classes, where ideas obviously lead eventually to something like this.

We played with some tasks, instructions, methods or organizing ourselves and each other, of my newly-discovered “30 second responsible/unhelpful shibari figure technique” … I was reminded to think of Hans during Settlement, and the various improvisations and tasks that caused a certain inventiveness by exhausting the most obvious ideas and the subsequent ones also.

The last couple of hours found us arranged around a table, Rui reading from Burrough’s The Soft Machine, Dasniya having an idea for this with food as her next unshibari project, me trying to fit in and take photos, Monica, Antek, Ursula and Andreas also at seats, while Hartmut prepared Matcha for us.

Next Sunday, we repeat again. Possibly with more people, possibly with people watching.

Something of what it was…