A rope was needed

Having turned my black clothes white yesterday, today was a treat visit to a rope wholesaler in Schöneberg. It seems after all this time in Berlin schlepping around the stuff, we’d completely missed Günther Lusche Hanf- und Drahtseile. Much rope? Yes!

The distinct piggy horsey barn-y whiff of hemp arrived with the opening of the door, and there lay all variations on rope one could desire. 3- and 4mm hemp up to 30mm or larger. Devices for hanging, wire rope plaited, with or without rings, and about a third the price of Jute rope from Japan, though nonetheless having a nice enough feeling to know it will work well. And 300kg breaking strain for the 6mm stuff makes for happiness.

We drew up a list of quite a lot. As with Parsifal, a lot isn’t so much once it’s binding a body, and even less when it’s in a messy style. But with four or five people needing to be tied, it’s self-evident that the number of metres approaches the thousand mark. Which would be a very nice amount to play with.

After a short discussion with the wholesaler (and much salivating over the contents of the catalogue – circular ropes! Imagine tying with a Moebius rope…), we visited the workshop – mainly I wanted to look around the ropewalk, though a tour of the warehouse with, and the discovery of pre-oiled rope for use by chimney sweeps was a delight (as was the naked ladies on the wall calendar).

I could easily imagine making use of all the ropes here and coming back for more. It’s a little gluttonous, no?