Right Knee Meniscus MRT

Doing my regular-ish yoga … must remember that “feeling really good at the moment” is not a license to push and shove. Hello knee going pop! rip! Orthopaedic says, “Torn meniscus”. Orthopaedic does not do proper examination because German orthopedics as a body are a disgrace to the idea of medicine and yet have managed to wiggle their way into positions of Pförtner-hood. Nonetheless, off to a MRT.

Possibly my favourite medical examination. Loud extremely high-tech machinery and the peculiar feeling of being slightly stretched apart on the cellular level. I know one is not supposed to feel much of anything, but both times I’ve had this procedure, it’s been this same, very subtle sensation.

Results on a CD, messing about with odd software to output the medical .dcm image format to something useful. How about a movie?