New Boots!


I planned to do this for a while, and almost missed out … end-of-season stock clearance and all meaning the ones I’d coveted were no longer there. Not to worry, turned out another pair looked even better. Considering I’m the type of person who doesn’t have any internal struggle over spending agonizing amounts on shoes if they are for some specific purpose (climbing, hiking, cyclocross …), it’s peculiar I seem to live in battered trainers and put off buying new ones because of the cost.

Yes, good shoes are expensive. My first winter in Berlin was made more miserable by the acres of Mitte shoe shops with price tags I could live off for a month. Come to think of it, the last time I owned a pair of hand-made shoes was when I was a student and plied the silver service penguin trade.

And it’s a stupidly warm 20º in Berlin today. It’s still winter! (To be clear, I’m not celebrating. I like the harshness of winter here, I enjoy the beastial cold and snow; it’s profoundly unsettling to be wearing summer clothes when the Vernal equinox is still half a week away.)

Photo? Yes!