after the self-suspension workshop

Hours of suspension, sun and blue sky and freezing outside, chai tea by the tureen, leek, potato, grünkern soup (with special additions from Régis) … ropes and talking and hanging ourselves up, lowering ourselves off, warming up fingers and bones and lungs, eight or nine or so hours of all this from when the sun was around its zenith until far into darkness.

Many photos also, though the combination of dimness in Alte-Kantine and not such a large sensor in my camera made for extended runs of blurriness. Much happiness nonetheless to have beautiful Lewis come all the way from England for the weekend, as well as others who are not always in Berlin.

Tomorrow, with a different group, we make something of the same. Well, to say something with ropes. Perhaps not so much of suspension, and more of floor and other things.

The photos, then …