the n+2 dimensional space for n>1 at Bains Connective

On Friday, 9th December, Dasniya Sommer and I will be having a showing of the n+2 dimensional space for n>1, which we have been working on during our two-week residency at Bains Connective.

Time: Friday, December 9 – 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Bains Connective
Address: Bondgenotenstraat 54 rue des Alliés
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest (Brussels, Belgium)
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The anarchy of knots or the n+2 dimensional space for n >1 or the rope was a plant

By Frances d’Ath and Dasniya Sommer

The two week residency at Bains Connective in Brussels is the first phase to work on raw material for a performance/installation collaboration with Michael Garza, principal bassoonist of the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra.

In this project, we are regarding the history and culture of ropes and knots.

We use rope as a tool for binding, tying, restraining, lifting. Knots can also be mathematicised, as in knot theory. In Japanese rope bondage, it is as if we do something forbidden by taking this object of use and turning it to play.

We work into a dismantling of traditional ropework rules and the logic behind these. While tying the body and the room, we bring in theories of Taoism, ‘Wabi-Sabi’, ‘Ma’, which allow us to be less perfect; impermanent. A rather european analysis of bodies, gender identities and role assignments in Shibari culture accompanies our experiment.